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Anybody Want a Peanut? Your Monday Moviola Minutes

Happy Monday, all you Moviolas out there! We know that Mondays … well … pretty much suck. So here’s a ‘Feel Good’ edition of the Moviola Minutes: We’re cutting through the snarky seas of attention-hungry headlines to give your Monday workday at least something to actually smile about.


In what is perhaps the most overwhelmingly good news to greet Los Angeles-based film fans in a long time (sorry, rest of the world) is today’s announcement that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is hosing a screening of the beloved 1987 fairytale The Princess Bride. Presented in a new print from the Academy, director Jason Reitman will be joined by director Rob Reiner and (Wesley!) Cary Elwes. It is probably one of the most quotable movies of all time (“Anybody want a peanut?”), and since this Moviola gal is confirming her attendance I will promise to keep the outbursts to a minimum. (Yeah, right. Inconceivable!)


Arthur Fonzareilli as a time traveler? The Partridge Family in the year 2200? You bet your sweet bippy! I don’t know why live-action TV shows don’t get get animated series spinoffs anymore, but the late 1960s thru the 80s were ALL about animated spinoffs. From The Brady Kids to The Fonze and the Happy Days Gang and Laverne and Shirley in the Army,(<–no joke) Saturday morning television was rife with WTF were they thinking scnenarios. Except for The Muppet Babbies and Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson knew what the hell he was doing.  The AV Club has done mankind the favor of culling together 22 clips from these Saturday morning gems of yesteryear.


Los Angeles gets a lot of flack for not respecting its history … and deservedly so … but yesterday marked the big 9-0 for this legendary Hollywood watering hole. Even though it has been in operation since 1919, in 1923 it opened as its current-day incarnation as a Grill. Today you can still dine at the same tables where Charlie Chaplin and Doug Fairbanks used to devour bouillabaisse, and drink no-frills cocktails in the same room that Chandler and Fitzgerald threw back whiskey sodas. The LA Daily Mirror remembers.


Tom Hanks = Instant Smile, right? Seriously. Try to say that name without getting all nostalgia-y. Well, it was announced today that Mr. Hanks will be headlining Fridays opening day of the New York Film Festival with a not-so-smiley film, Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips. As a dramatization of the Somali pirates hijacking in 2009, we all know the heroic outcome and are therefore expecting the against-odds patriotic fervor that dominated Greengrass’ United 93. Here at The Moviola, we’re much more keen to see how Hanks pulls off his turn as Walt Disney in the upcoming Saving Mr. Banks

24th January 1935: Jean Harlow (1911-1937), wearing flared shorts and a blouse, with co-star William Powell (1892-1984) during the filming of the MGM musical comedy 'Reckless'. (Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull)

Speaking of smiles, fewer are more infectious than the one belonging to the dashing, debonair, epitome of class: William Powell. There are lots of birthdays out there today, including Mr. Powell’s 121st, and Turner Classic Movie’s blog Movie Moorlocks gives the original master of the Martini (Sorry, Mr. Bond) a fitting tribute to Powell with a look at his on-screen relationship with his off-screen lover Jean Harlow. Their two films, Reckless and Libeled Lady, were filmed just prior to Harlow’s tragic death at 26. Reckless lives up to its name (a messy—although entertaining–melodrama) while Libeled Lady remains one of the most perfect screwballs ever filmed, and, like Reckless, thankfully available on DVD. (And on the interwebs!)


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