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From Kubrick to Jagger — Today’s Moviola Minutes

TGIF everyone!  It’s Friday, it’s summer, and it’s time for your final installment of this week’s Moviola Minutes– your daily dish of noteworthy news for all you Moviolas out there.

KUBRICKStanley Kubrick would have been 85 years old today, and the twittersphere and blogosphere are saluting cinema’s great maestro in high style. BFI offers a selection of Kubrick’s thoughts on movies, actors and directors. For the record: he hated The Wizard of Oz and loved White Men Can’t Jump.

CANDELABRAToday, Variety reports on Netflix entering the ring as an HBO conpetitor– or as reporter Brian Lowry calls them, ‘upstarts yapping at HBO’s heels.’ The cable network had a strong year, but that certainly hasn’t stifled the swell of speculation about its status. Netflix’s House of Cards was fantastic. But let’s see them pull off a Beyond the Candelabra

DATENIGHTWhile this is not exactly film or TV related, I say what the hell: it’s Friday and it’s fun. It appears that date nights in 1960s Southern California really were every bit as magical as those Annette and Frankie movies. Proof? THIS. A delightful slice of nostalgia from the days when, you know, you didn’t have to mortgage the house and sell the car in order to afford it. “May your Date Nite visit to Disneyland be a pleasant one!’

SUNSHINEFile this under ‘Ridiculously Cool People You Hate For Coming Up With Something So Ridiculously Cool.’ (Yes. There really is a file for that.) Thanks to some very clever photoshopping (and much too much time on their hands) an engaged couple decided to go Hollywood for their wedding announcements. Like, literally. (The Little Miss Sunshine one FTW.)

GIMMESHELTERAnd finally, today Mick Jagger officially becomes a septuagenarian which is something worth *way* more than just a Moviola Minute. Lots of tributes to THE greatest rock star ever, and the Huffington Post presents’ their selection of the greatest rock and roll films of all time. We can vouch for all of these–especially Gimme Shetler, which all three of The Moviola’s founders had the pleasure of seeing at the 2013 TCM Film Festival.


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