The Moviola Minutes: 07.12.13


Coming back for another dose of Moviola Minutes?  Here are today’s selections…

Ever been curious about the quantitative stats behind what makes a Michael Bay movie different from a Woody Allen movie?  Well, check out Cinemetrics, a database that tracks shot duration and composition size.  

Did you hear the latest about “critic” Rex Reed?  He reviewed a movie after only watching the first twenty minutes!  We here at The Moviola would never do you like that.

Film studies guru David Bordwell has posted a new blog about flashbacks in Mildred Pierce that will give you TCM Film Festival flashbacks.

There are two new books on the horizon looking at the Hollywood studios’ relationship with Adolph Hitler.  Get ready for some academic fisticuffs!  

And Ben Affleck is currently in the running for a slot in David Fincher’s new movie, Gone Girl.


2 thoughts on “The Moviola Minutes: 07.12.13

  1. I am look forward to hunkering down with the “MILDRED PIERCE” article and the deconstructing of “FLASHBACKS.” It always amazes me how writers are able to put into words what I see, and know to be…but cannot write it out.

    • Oh and Theresa, this flashbacks piece is especially well thought out, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it.

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