A Word of … Wisdom (?) from Jill


Dear Reader,

I’ve been a film fanatic my whole life. My first true theater experience was at the age of 3, with a re-release of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937). From that moment on, I was hooked. Like many children, and probably even some grown adults, movies were an escape where I could let my imagination take over. For a couple of hours I could be completely immersed in a whole other world different from my own. How exciting is that? When I was in middle school my teacher introduced me to some classic titles, and my entire world changed forever. I remember watching Ben-Hur (1959) on a 20 inch television wheeled in from the A/V room. It took us an entire week to finish the film. I fought my way to the front of the classroom every day to get a good seat. What that movie had to do with science class, I’ll never know.

Over the years I’ve blogged on various platforms, participated (read: argued) on message boards and chat rooms devoted to film, specifically classic cinema (Yuck. That sounds sketchy, doesn’t it?). In 2011, I finally got serious and started a “big girl” blog, Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence (Carley is offering 50 points to Gryffindor for those who can guess the source of her blog’s name. I’m offering a Yankee dime. And then will give you another Yankee dime if you know what a “Yankee dime” is). Running the site has given me opportunity to meet other classic film fans and bloggers. In 2012, I finally had the chance to meet Carley and Drew at the TCM Classic Film Festival in LA. This past April we met at the Festival once again, and decided we should collaborate together on a project.

The Moviola is a site for all things film: silent, foreign, classic, current releases, film related book reviews, a little music, The Police Academy movies…anything. Like Carley, I’ll mainly cover classic film, but I may step into this century from time-to-time.

Thanks for lending an…eye?

Turn on The Moviola.

Happy Thoughts,



2 thoughts on “A Word of … Wisdom (?) from Jill

  1. Wish to point out that I am extremely jealous about the TCM Classic Film Festival. Living on the east coast does have it’s disadvantages. Also, I belong to AFI, and couldn’t see their film festival, either, as it was also in LA. Looking forward to having someone to chat with about film

    • Hiya, Toni! Thanks for stopping by! Rest assured: you will ALWAYS have someone chew the film fat with over here at The Moviola!

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